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With Avellage, our team at Avenevv aspire to take the first step in bringing the community  of event planners, venue managers, event freelancers, event service partners and other ecosystem players together. We aspire to provide a creative play ground for event enthusiasts to bounce refreshing event ideas, share insightful news and showcase attractive event promotions.

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Innovation does not come by chance. In fact, it is normally a question of building on previous works, lessons and stories for one to chart his or her own creative path. With that in mind, our team behind Avenevv has worked hard to share with you our thoughtfully curated news, content, stories and insights from the event industry in Singapore and around the world. Hopefully, on your journey to conquer the next mountain and champion innovations, these interesting insights may spark some inspiration.

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As expectations are events are rising, event planners are under the pressure of constantly coming up with new and refreshing ideas to impress their attendees, especially given limited time and budget. In an effort to do our small part in driving innovations and sparking inspiration in the industry, we have worked closely with our venue partners to present you our series of Event Inspirations. Check out these mind-blown, well-planned, readily adopted event ideas!

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Given that event planning involves myriad aspects,  we understand that sometimes a little help in thinking, planning and coordination event-related services is greatly appreciated. Bring to you our Rewards & Promotions Corner where you get to enjoy special offers and privileges for other event services, just by booking your next event venue with Avenevv!

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This journey has been filled with many ups and downs but the greatest takeaway for us is the trust and support from our network with esteemed partners, service providers and many others. Check them out for your next event and rest assured all of your event needs are well fulfilled!

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Discover and compare unique, curated event spaces, explore new event ideas, mass RFQ, compare quotes and handle payment - all within the Avenevv platform.

Be on the lookout for Avenaire - a management platform where we hope to empower freelancers and event planners to work and collaborate.

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