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Driving Impact through Efficient Workflow at the 7th Singapore International Neuro-Cognitive Symposium

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Event Overview

From November 2023 to February 2024, we had the pleasure to continue collaborating with the team at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) as the conference Secretariat to support the 7th Singapore International Neuro-Cognitive Symposium, which showcased the latest advancements in dementia research, offering a platform for knowledge exchange and the fostering of international collaborations.

We had the opportunity to support the team with preparing the event landing page and managing the registration and abstract submission via our platform and email support.

Key Solutions & Services

Event Landing Page and Registration System

The event landing page is designed and customised to best fit client’s overall event branding, incorporating key visuals and necessary information for attendees such as Programme, Speakers and Key Event Information.

The event landing page also consists of custom registration features, allowing for a smooth end to end flow from ticket group and programme selection all the way to payment and email acknowledgment. This is integrated with our Admin Dashboard for ease of reviewing identity proof (that is tied to different ticket groups), approving the registration in some cases and track signup and conference income on a real-time basis.

avelive event landing page, registration system, in-person conference

Event Abstract Submission and Review Portal

At the 7th Singapore International Neuro-Cognitive Symposium, we provided the platform for abstract submission and review, all integrated with the event landing page and Admin Dashboard. Authors could read up to find more information on the process, timeline and different categories, provide a writeup on their abstracts, as well as adding other co-authors to the form. At the back end, reviewers could be added to evaluate the submissions, and take action such as Approve or Decline the submissions in real-time, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow across all stakeholders.

Abstract Submission Management

Not only did we supply the tech platform to empower reviewers and organisers through the abstract submission end-to-end, but we were also in charge of sharing key information to authors on their submission, following up with shortlisted abstract authors and ensuring their posters are ready and formatted correctly for display on D-Day.

avelive abstract management, in-person conference

Customer Enquiries Support and Certificate Dissemination

We were also entrusted to handle and manage the incoming enquires from the event landing page, as well as releasing the post event certificates customised to each attendee in recognition of their participation.

Thank you...

We once again are extremely grateful for the trust and continued support from the NNI team that allowed us to be a part of this meaning initiative. We look forward to future collaboration with you!

Interested to learn more about how we managed and delivered a complex virtual experience end-to-end? Find out more here!

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