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Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully as they contain important information about your legal rights, remedies and obligations. By accessing or using the Avellage website (, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Service.


Last updated: 6 October 2019


When these Terms mention “Avenevv,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” it refers to the Avenevv Pte. Ltd. and our related entities, affiliates and subsidiaries. “You” refer to you as the user of Avellage, whether a content consumer, Service Provider or guest. “Service Provider” refers to persons, including corporations, who list their services on the Avellage website.


1. Scope of Avellage Services

Avellage is a companion site that complements the Avenevv Platform ( The features of Avellage include:


  • Showcase media content such as blog posts, photo galleries and featured services on the Events Industry (collectively “”);

  • Allow members of the public to comment or post a reaction to certain Avellage Content (collectively “”);

  • Serve as a one-stop shop for Rewards and Promotions redeemable on the Avenevv Platform; and

  • Allow Service Providers to list their Event-related services, such as photography and catering.


2. Content

The Avellage Content and User-generated content constitutes the opinion of the writer only and in no way represent the views of Avenevv. You agree not to hold Avenevv liable for any loss or damages, whether pecuniary or otherwise, flowing from any Avellage Content or User-generated Content.


3. Intellectual Property

You acknowledge and agree that the Avellage website and Avellage Content (but not User-generated Content) is the intellectual property of Avenevv. Except as otherwise stated in these Terms, you will not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works of, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, broadcast or otherwise exploit the Avellage website.


4. Limited License

Avenevv grants you a limited, revocable and non-exclusive license to (a) use the Avellage Content for personal purposes; and (b) share the Avellage Content on your personal social media account only.


5. Listing Policy for Service Providers

By listing your services on the Avellage website, you agree that:


  • Avenevv may collect certain content such as a description and photos of your service from you for the purposes of your listing on the Avellage website. By providing such content, you agree that Avenevv may use these for the purposes of your listing and to discharge any obligation owed from Avenevv to you;

  • Our Rewards Redemption Policy in Clause 6 below will apply and any additional terms you choose to specify for your services should not conflict with our Rewards Redemption Policy;

  • You warrant and represent that the service provided by you complies with all applicable laws and you further agree to indemnify Avenevv for any damages arising from your breach of these warranties, representation, or these Terms of Service.


6. Rewards Redemption Policy

You may redeem a Reward by entering the associated Promotional Code when making a booking on the Avenevv Platform. The Reward will be delivered or fulfilled on the date of your Event. By redeeming a Reward, you agree that:


  • You may only claim one (1) Reward per booking on the Avenevv Platform;

  • You agree to these Terms of Service as well as any additional Terms and Conditions governing the Reward and the booking (which include the specific Reward terms and the Terms of Service of the Avenevv Platform);

  • Any pictures of the Reward are for illustration purposes only and the actual product may vary;

  • Avenevv’s obligation to deliver or fulfil the Reward only commences when you pay the deposit for your booking on the Avenevv Platform;

  • Delivery and fulfilment of the Reward is subject to availability. Avenevv reserves the right to substitute the Reward with something of equal or higher value in the event the Reward is unavailable;

  • Avenevv is only responsible for the delivery and fulfilment of the Reward, and shall not be liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of the Reward; and

  • In the event of non-delivery or non-fulfilment, Avenevv’s maximum liability is the amount you paid for the Reward.


For the purposes of this clause, “deliver”, “delivered” and “delivery” means the physical delivery of goods (where the Reward is a good), and “fulfil”, “fulfilled” and “fulfilment” means the engaging of a service provider to discharge the service (where the Reward is a service).


7. Rewards Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your booking on the Avenevv Platform, your associated Reward from the Avellage website will also be forfeited, and Avenevv has no further obligation to deliver or fulfil the Reward. Where the Reward has already been delivered or fulfilled, you agree to reimburse Avenevv the cost of providing that Reward.


8. Privacy Policy

It is our policy to respect your privacy and comply with all applicable laws regarding the use, storage and handling of any personal information we may collect while operating our website. If you have any questions about deleting or correcting your personal data, please contact


9. Governing Law

This Terms of Service shall be governed by Singapore law. The courts in Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction to interpret and enforce these Terms.


10. Changes to Terms

Avenevv reserves the right to change these Terms of Service from time to time in our sole discretion. We encourage you to frequently check this page for any changes, which will be indicated by a change in the “Last Updated” date. Your continued use of Avellage after any change in these Terms of Service will constitute your acceptance of such change.

Terms & Conditions of Venue Promotions

These are the Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) governing the Avellage Venue Promotions (“AVP Campaign”). Please read these Terms carefully as they contain important information about your legal rights, remedies and obligations. These Terms are in addition to the terms on the Avellage Platform (“Avellage Terms”) governing the redemption of Rewards, and the terms on the Avenevv Platform (“Platform Terms”) governing Promotional and Credit Codes. By redeeming a Promotional Code in the AVP Campaign, you agree to comply with and be bound by the aforementioned terms.

Last Updated: 14th April 2020


1. Promotional Codes associated with the AVP Campaign may be subject to the following conditions and restrictions in order for the discount to apply:

  • Applicable Period, which refers to the eligible dates which the event has to be held at the Venue;

  • Minimum Spend, which refers to the minimum amount you have to pay for the Space offered by the Venue;

  • Minimum Booking Hour, which refers to the minimum amount of time you have to book the Space offered by the Venue;

  • Maximum Number of Redemptions, which refers to the maximum number of times the Promotional Code can be redeemed; and

  • Maximum Number of Redemptions per account, which refers to the maximum number of times the Promotional Code can be redeemed per account.


2. The conditions and restrictions stated in Clause 1 above will be communicated to you as far as reasonably practicable in the associated listing on the Avellage website. Your redemption of a Promotional Code constitutes your acceptance of the conditions and restrictions stated in Clause 1.


3. You may redeem any Promotional Code which is marked as “active” on the Avellage website. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to deny your redemption:

  • Where we are under compulsion of law to do so;

  • If requested to do so by the Venue Manager showing reasonable cause;

  • If any of the conditions and restrictions stated in Clause 1 invalidate the Promotional Code;

  • If your account is removed from the Avenevv Platform;

  • To prevent actual or potential illegal or unauthorised activity;

  • To address risk of harm or safety concerns; or

  • If you breach any of these Terms, the Avellage Terms or the Platform Terms.


4. Subject to Clause 5, Promotional Codes which are expired, terminated, or otherwise inactivated will be marked as “inactive” on the Avellage website and will be disabled for future redemptions on the Avenevv Platform.


5. The expiry, termination or inactivation of any Promotional Code shall not affect the rights and obligations of any party incurred prior to such expiry, termination or inactivation. You as an Event Planner shall continue to be bound by the conditions, restrictions, and payment terms stipulated in all Promotional Codes you redeem before such expiry, termination or inactivation.

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