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Together we grow

Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much

- Helen Keller

It is our great honour to be able to work with our esteemed partners spanning over a broad spectrum of event services. Our network of event vendors covers a broad spectrum ranging from technology, F&B to services!

Event Technology Partners

Expectations for events have become greater more than ever. Event planners have gone beyond just meeting the events’ objectives, but constantly seek means to bring new, bold and unique elements into each of their creations.


As they continue to innovate and deliver unforgettable event experiences, we also observe the emergence of game-changing event technologies across the spectrum in response to these prevailing needs. Check out our network of event technology partners to stay on top of the trend and innovate better!

F&B Partners

While F&B has long been a crucial and indispensable part for events, in recent years we have also observed a shift in expectations and demands for catering services. Given the rapid changes in consumer lifestyle and dining preferences, our F&B partners have also been continuously innovating to offer refreshing and interesting treats that could best tailor to your guests' needs and palate.


Check them out for your next event!

Event Service Partners

With event and tourism needs becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated, event service partners also took on an important role, transforming the event experience to bring about the best customer experience. Here at Avenevv, we had the pleasure of collaborating with many leading service partners in Singapore and globally.

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