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Unveiling Your Event’s Legacy: A Guide to Measurement and the FIRM Framework (Part 1)

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Successful events leave a lasting impression. They spark engagement, inspire action, and contribute to your organization’s long-term goals. But how do you measure this impact and demonstrate the true legacy of your event?

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has developed a valuable framework called FIRM to guide event planners in assessing and maximising their event’s lasting impact. This blog post will explore the FIRM framework and delve into the importance of post-event measurement.

The FIRM Framework: A Roadmap to Event Legacy

FIRM stands for:

  • Frame Your Vision: Clearly define your goals and desired outcomes for the event’s legacy. What lasting impact do you want to achieve?

  • Ideate Your Initiatives: Brainstorm creative ways to achieve your vision. This could involve fostering connections, generating knowledge sharing, or driving specific actions.

  • Realise Action Plans: Develop a concrete plan to implement your chosen initiatives. This ensures your event activities are aligned with achieving your long-term goals.

  • Measure Impact: Track and analyse data to understand the event’s legacy. By measuring the right metrics, you can demonstrate the event’s contribution to your vision.

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The Importance of Measurement in Event Legacy

The final stage of the FIRM framework, Measure Impact, emphasises the crucial role of data in understanding event legacy.

The Importance of Measurement in Event Legacy

  • Demonstrate Value: By quantifying the event’s impact, you can effectively communicate its success to stakeholders and justify future investments.

  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Data analysis reveals what worked well and what aspects can be improved for future events.

  • Guide Future Strategies: Insights from measurement inform future event planning and help ensure your initiatives align with achieving lasting impact.

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Next Steps: Unveiling Your Event’s Legacy Through Measurement

In the next blog post, we’ll explore how to effectively measure event impact and showcase the tools AveLIVE offers to support your post-event measurement journey. Stay tuned!

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