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Murder Mystery Games - Genres to fit your taste and preferences

Murder Mystery games, or "剧本杀" games, encompass a range of genres that cater to different tastes and preferences. The genres can vary in terms of setting, tone, and themes, appealing to a diverse audience.

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Here are some popular genres of murder mystery games and the types of audiences they may attract:

1. Classic Mystery

This genre embraces the traditional elements of a murder mystery, with a focus on suspense, investigation, and deductive reasoning. Classic murder mystery games often feature a detective or a group of amateur sleuths trying to solve a puzzling crime. These games typically attract fans of Agatha Christie novels, crime-solving enthusiasts, and those who enjoy cerebral challenges.

2. Historical Drama

Murder mystery games set in historical periods or featuring iconic historical figures fall into the historical drama genre. These games transport players to a specific time and place, immersing them in the cultural and social context of that era. Historical drama murder mystery games appeal to history buffs, fans of specific time periods, and individuals interested in exploring the complexities of the past.

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If you are a fan of the Egyptian history, this is a must-try fictional game experience offered by AveLIVEX - The Lost Tomb of the Queen. Grab your early bird ticket by 19 Jun 2023 or register your interest on the waitlist if you are keen to try it on 15 or 16 July! Interestingly, you are able to play this game in both Murder Mystery mode or collaboratively under the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) mode. Check out this article to learn more!

3. Supernatural or Fantasy

In this genre, murder mystery games incorporate supernatural or fantasy elements into the murder mystery plot. They may involve mythical creatures, magic, or paranormal phenomena. These games attract audiences who enjoy the blending of reality and fantasy, fans of supernatural storytelling, and enthusiasts of fantasy literature or role-playing games.

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Under the fantasy genre, AveLIVEX has another ready script for you - Murder Mystery fans! Inspired by the Lunar New Year favourite topic - the 12 Chinese Zodiacs, you are tasked to figure out who is true culprit behind the heinous crime of The Golden Feather Thief in the heavens!

4. Thriller or Psychological Suspense

Thriller or psychological suspense murder mystery games focus on creating a tense and gripping atmosphere. These games often delve into the psychological motivations of characters, exploring themes of deception, betrayal, and psychological manipulation. They are suitable for players who enjoy intense narratives, complex character dynamics, and psychological mind games.

5. Comedy or Parody

Murder mystery games in the comedy or parody genre infuse humor, satire, and light-hearted elements into the murder mystery plot. These games often feature exaggerated characters, comical situations, and witty dialogue. Comedy or parody murder mystery games attract audiences who appreciate a more light-hearted and entertaining experience, as well as those who enjoy improvisation and comedic acting.

It's important to note that these genres may overlap, and some murder mystery games can blend multiple genres to create a unique and engaging experience. Additionally, the complexity and difficulty level of murder mystery games can vary, catering to different age groups and skill levels.

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Find your fit in the World of Murder Mystery Games!

Ultimately, the diverse range of genres in murder mystery games allows for a wide appeal, ensuring that there is a game to suit the interests and preferences of various audiences, from mystery enthusiasts and history buffs to fantasy lovers and fans of comedic storytelling.

If you are new to murder mystery games, learn how the game is played from this article!

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