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What lies ahead for the players of Murder Mystery Game "The Lost Tomb of the Queen"?

Please note that these plots are purely speculative and based on limited information from the murder mystery game official website for "The Lost Tomb of the Queen". The actual plot of "The Lost Tomb of the Queen" may differ significantly from these speculations.

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Credits: Unsplash, Keith Hardy

After checking out the launch page of the murder mystery game "The Lost Tomb of the Queen", you may notice that this game experience is a bit unlike the normal Egypt-themed games where they focus on the mummy and deadly traps for the hero finally surviving all odds and beating evil. Referring to this post where the game designers discuss the inspiration behind this game design, they have spent some time pondering on the title of the game.

Go-to-title 1: "The Curse of the Lost Queen"

With this title, players may speculate that in this plot, they will be assuming the role of an archaeologist who stumbles upon the long-lost tomb of an ancient queen known for her cruelty and dark magic. Legends surrounding the queen's tomb speak of a curse that was placed upon anyone who disturbs her resting place. As players explore the tomb, they must unravel the mysteries of the curse, confront supernatural entities, and find a way to break the curse before it consumes them. The story would delve into themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the consequences of tampering with ancient powers.

Could this be the plot?

Possible Title 2: "The Queen's Legacy"

If the focus is on the Queen (ongoing debated mystery on the disappearance of Queen Nefertiti, shared in this article), maybe players will be uncovering the tomb of a legendary queen who was renowned for her wisdom, leadership, and profound impact on her civilization. As players venture deeper into the tomb, they discover that the queen's legacy (good or bad) extends far beyond her reign. The tomb contains valuable artifacts, ancient texts, and hidden chambers that reveal the queen's contributions to art, science, and philosophy. The story would focus on exploring the queen's achievements, uncovering her secrets, and preserving her legacy for future generations.

Where could the twist be?

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Speculative Title 3: "The Queen's Revenge"

As experienced murder mystery players, you would expect things to be not as simple as it seems. Besides, most scripts are soaked with vengeful hatred, unforgivable betrayal or incomprehensible greed. With this expectation in mind, the plot takes a darker turn as players discover the tomb of a vengeful queen who was betrayed and murdered by her closest confidants. The queen's spirit remains trapped within the tomb, seeking retribution against those who wronged her. Players must navigate treacherous traps, decipher cryptic messages, and confront the queen's ghostly guardians while uncovering the truth behind her betrayal. The story would delve into themes of justice, betrayal, and the consequences of actions committed in the pursuit of power.

BONUS Peak behind this murder mystery game curtain:

Notice that the character introduction on the game information page, each character has a current modern view as well as an ancient dressed-up view upon hovering. What does this imply? How can a murder take place in two different lifetimes be weaved in 1 narrative?

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Credits: AveLIVEX

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