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Top Ideas for Team Building in Singapore in 2023 (Part 1)

Are you looking for new ideas for your next team building? We got you covered! Below is the curated list of the top 10 ideas in Singapore that your team could consider for your next retreat or bonding events!

#1 Virtual or Hybrid Escape Room Games

AveLIVEX's unique multi-player, multi-perspective escape room games are crafted to maximise the team building experience, help foster camaraderie among members while enhancing communication among members while solving interactive and challenging puzzles.

Credits: AveLIVEX

Price: From SGD 15 per pax

#2 Scavenger Hunt around Singapore

As everyone collaborates to find clues and complete challenges, this activity promotes communication while providing a perfect opportunity for your team to learn more about Singapore's culture and landmarks.

Credits: Monster Day Tours

Price: From SGD 30 per pax

#3 Archery Tag for Team vs Team competition

Looking for a fun and unique experience for team bonding? Try archery tag! This game requires not only teamwork and strategy, but also quick reflexes, guaranteeing your team a great time.

Credits: Go Team

Price: From SGD 15 per pax

#4 Role Play Murder Mystery with Costume Dress Up (Ju Ben Sha)

Feel like role-playing characters in a faraway land and work together with your team to string the evidence together and find the true culprit behind a crime? Role Play Murder Mystery sounds like the game for you! AveLIVEX, in collaboration with Junxion Criminal-X is bringing you something unique this fall. Don't forget to check them out!

Credits: Junxion Criminal-X

Price: To be updated

#5 Bubble Soccer

Try Bubble Soccer for a fun team-building activity in Singapore! Bump around with colleagues and friends in a safe and thrilling way, and strategize to win. Relieve stress and build team cohesion at the same time!

Credits: Live Science

Price: SGD 39+ per pax

#6 Art Jamming

Your team could take a break and try a therapeutic art jam session at Cafe de Paris! Your team members could channel their inner Picasso onto a blank canvas and show off their creative skills with a paintbrush!

Credits: Cafe de Paris

Price: SGD 28 per pax

#7 Stand Up Paddle

Experience an exciting team-building activity with a Stand-Up Paddle session at Constant Wind. Learn the fundamentals with their 2-hour "Discovery" course, or try their team bonding packages like snorkelling, River Safari, and Bintan Adventure SUP, which add fun, leisure, and bonding to your event.

Credits: Constant Wind

Price: Enquire for price

#8 Upcycling Workshops

These upcycling workshops go beyond fun but also providing valuable insights for participants. Through various craft techniques, attendees learn about the potential of everyday materials and how to give them new life. The workshops offer a diverse range of materials to work with, including PVC banners, plastic water bottles and so on.

Credits: Terra Singapore

Price: Enquire for price

#9 Indoor Skydiving

Why not try something "out of this world" at iFly Singapore by bringing your team on an adrenaline-fueled, exhilarating indoor skydiving experience? Get your team members to step out of their comfort zone to have some serious fun together!

Credits: iFly Singapore

Price: Enquire for price

#10 Sailing or Yacht Charters

Think sunshine, sea waves and cooling breeze as you raise your glass and celebrate achievements in the past year with your team. Yacht charter creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and bonding as you indulge in small bites, sip champaign and have heart-to-heart conversations, all the while admiring the beautiful sunset!

Credits: The Yacht Club Singapore

Price: Enquire for price

Filled with inspiration for your next team building event? Stay tuned for part 2!

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