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Most Popular AveLIVE Features for Your Next Hybrid Engagement Campaign in 2023

The world is changing fast. Post-pandemic, we witnessed many changes to the events industry, where many event planners contemplate bringing back the physical experience for their attendees. However, being used to the reach and scale benefits that virtual events brought during 2020 and 2021, they are looking to having something in the middle - a hybrid experience. At a hybrid event, there is normally an offline segment for in-person attendees, as well as a virtual site for remote attendees to tune in and experience the events from the comfort of their homes.

The most common questions that we were asked was: How could we connect the online and offline experience seamlessly? Well, we too are changing by the day, and are glad to share with you these top 5 product updates that you may find useful for your next hybrid event!

Credits: Unsplash, Arren Mills

Defining the "Hybrid Engagement Campaign"

First of all, let's clarify what we meant by a "Hybrid Engagement Campaign" - this is a type event that may extend up to weeks, where brands have a campaign that is either aligned with a seasonal occasion (think Ramadan), a product launch, or simply a brand love marketing campaign. For these events, there are many complex moving parts of digital marketing, trade marketing, OOH and so on - but the most recent trend has been - how to unite everything on 1 platform and measure the campaign success? If this is what you have been thinking of, read on and find out how we support brands and agencies to stay above the noise and create an impactful event!

#1 Provide a seamless user flow online and onsite with AveLIVE's Integrated Registration System

Among the many things that happen to the events industry as a result of the pandemic, it is attendee expectation that remained unchanged and even got heightened by the day! Being used to the convenience of virtual events, but craving for the physical interaction at offline events, attendees came for in-person believing that it should be as accessible and seamless as logging in their computers at home and dial into Zoom. We do believe that it is reasonable to have high expectations to propel innovations for the industry, are prepared to take this challenge head-on.

Introducing Integrated Registration with AveLIVE - where online registration and payment could be seamlessly integrated with offline badge printing and event check-in.

How does it work?

  1. Attendees register and pay online via your custom-branded event landing page provided by AveLIVE

  2. Attendees receive their email acknowledgement with unique QR code

  3. Upon arrive at the event venue, attendees open their email with the QR code, scan it to record attendance and enter the event

  4. For walk-ins, their badge could also be printed right on the spot onsite

Make a first good impression at your event in just 4 simple steps.

#2 Guide and Immerse Attendees with Mission Map on Home Page

Given the complexity of a Hybrid Engagement Campaign, with Mission Map as your Home Page on the platform, you would be able to provide an intuitive and visual way for users to navigate the platform, allowing them to have a big picture of the entire campaign. The map may also help increase engagement and interaction with different virtual stations, driving user discovery and retention on the site.

Since it is a brand campaign, theme, white-labelled design and customisation are definitely very important. At AveLIVE, we are able to craft a unique event map just for you, reflecting your brand image and create a captivating environment that completely immerses participants in the ongoing campaign. And of course, without saying, this map could also be integrated with offline activation at physical stores or locations!

#3 QR Code Scan Tracking to Monitor Offline Activities

A popular feature requested and loved by many event planners in our network is the QR Code Scan Tracking. This feature is critical for any offline event or campaign with a point system, helping organisers capture participation and engagement, based on which they could award points and better understand attendee behaviour.

How does it work? First, we will prepare a tracking link for each activity that the organiser wants to track. Based on this link, a unique QR code for each activity is generated, printed and put up at different locations. Finally, when attendees scan these QR codes, we capture their activity and aware points to them on the system.

This is a simple yet powerful and necessary solution for event planners to have an overview of the engagement rate of their activities cross-channel!

#4 Content Schedule to Keep Your Attendees Engaged Throughout the Campaign

For a month-long campaign, it is important to not only hook and attract your users to give the platform a try, but also to sustain that interest and excitement as the time passes. We have been in talks with many event planners and brands and we heard your concern - thus introducing Content Scheduling - an extremely handy feature that empowers us to help our clients release various kinds of content real-time as the campaign progresses.

If you are running a month-long campaign, with different sections and content on the website to be released at specific timing throughout the event, this is just the feature that you need!

With this useful feature, our event planners would no longer be worried about declining user retention on the site after the first week - start scheduling exclusive, time-sensitive content to bring your users back regularly! To the content team, no more rushing content at the last minute to ensure everything is ready before event live date: prepare your content and have them aired anytime you are ready during the event period.

#5 Upgraded Lucky Draw and Point System to Drive Engagement

We are also pleased to bring you news regarding one of our most popular features - the Lucky Draw and Point System - now getting an upgrade to support event planners in managing more complicated event needs!

Check out what’s new:

  1. On top of earning points from various event pages and content for Lucky Draw spin, now attendees’ offline activities could also be recorded for extra points and spins! (thus making your hybrid experience more wholesome)

  2. To ensure content view is meaningful, a minimum view time (eg at least 15 seconds) could be a requirement for earning points - lower bounce rate and more meaningful engagement for your team and sponsors!

  3. Lucky Draw page not only states how they can earn the points, but also direct them to the different relevant pages for the activities (what a way to help users navigating and earning points for their spins!)

  4. Lucky Draw could accommodate different types of spins, tied in with different point requirements!

  5. Win probability could be adjusted…based on the different periods of the campaign, depending on your strategy to deliver the best user experience, all the while balancing prize stock!

Are there any features you wish to have for your next hybrid experience that are not on the above list? Let's chat at and create some impactful, magical and unique hybrid events together!

Found the above content useful? Do look out for our next Product Update Post on Virtual Community Engagement Series!

AveLIVE is your go-to virtual event platform for customised creative solutions and high-engagement elements. Based in Singapore, we have delivered hybrid and virtual projects with partners based locally and across the world, reaching more than 100,000 attendees till this day.

Discuss your next virtual experience with us at!


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