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Your quick starter's guide to planning your first-ever company town hall meeting

Credit: Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen via Unsplash

Are you planning for your first-ever town hall? It can be a pretty daunting task especially if you are planning it all on your own, or if you are working with a lean team with a deadline inching closer with each passing day, things will get a little tricky indeed...

No further pressure here but fact of the matter is, the event is going down into the company's memory lane and inevitably onto the history log. If it helps, one assuring fact is... you're not alone! We are here to help guide you to grasp the fundamentals on what it takes to planning one from scratch, speaking from the writer's personal experience herself!


As cliché as it sounds, you need to know 'the' purpose of why you or your organization has decided to hold a town hall meeting in the first place.

Has the company grown by many folds in terms of headcount or has the company many important news or milestones achieved? Or are you looking to hold a 'kickoff meeting' to also take the opportunity to welcome everyone back in the workplace? Whichever the reason it is, you will need to share the rationale behind the town hall meeting clearly.

With a purpose, comes an agenda with a list of important items to be shared across the company, this could include meaningful and important announcements that could comprise where is the company standing today since its beginning, its' latest milestones and achievements, the strategies, goals and directions in the year.

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The next segment could feature different departments' key contributions in the past year and their inspiring objectives in the new year.

Last but not least, important human resource policies and employee benefits, this segment has been a classic favourite!

Another additional trick under the sleeve (just for you readers), is to dedicate a special segment, for an employees' recognition section, this segment can showcase five to ten individual employees and/or teams that have exceeded expectations, people who ought to be recognized by others from different departments and event the different regions. As our writer would put it, a small appreciation goes a long way and it will help in encouraging a positive working culture and a norm of cultivating gratitude and expressing them.


Who are the people that will be attending the event? How many people will be attending the event? These are two fundamental but really key questions to be answered. The answers will affect your decision in getting the right venue for the right amount of time, at the right budget.

Credit: Photo by Austin Distel via Unsplash

Will you need to consider food, logistics and operations options? To hold the town hall internally or externally? This brings you to the next paragraph of this article.


Credit: Photo by universalsps631 via Unsplash

Are you holding the town hall meeting in-house or would you like to hold it off-site? If you are looking to hold the meeting in-house, you would need way more time and resources to nailing the first-ever town hall. From the invitations, the agenda, down to the food, audio and video conferencing tools, appointing the host of the event, organizing all of the presenters' content, good time management - all help ensure that everything is done promptly according to the schedule.

It would be a lot easier to nail the second town hall after holding it off-site, but if you would like to be as hands-on as possible in your first ever town hall project, by all means! But if you are considering the latter option, the first consideration ought to be well, none other than the price.


Hands down, it is one of the most important factor of consideration, if not the most important one that would significantly affect the decision making process. The price would often vary due to many factors, the size of the space, the location and its' accessibility, the furnishings and fittings, the amenities and frills that would typically comprise food, equipment and facilities.

Speaking about price, we know you might just be looking around for a discount or promo codes to be applied as you visit websites that offer you the convenience of venue booking. For a promo code to be applied especially catering to your town hall meetings requirements and needs, write away to our partner at

Looking at many different quotes can be mind-blowing especially with a deadline that is inching closer and closer. For a more hassle-free planning that spares you the agony of comparing between quotations and venue differences, drop our friendly venue managers at Avenevv to help you plan that perfect town hall meeting!

If, after reading this article, you would like to host your company town hall virtually, you may also like to check out what we can do for you here! You are welcome!

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