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Unique Company Retreat Ideas in Singapore

Just had your company's year-end party?

Fantastic! You may wish to start planning for your next quest, a company retreat!

Oftentimes, company retreat sessions are undermined as they are often dismissed as "costly and unnecessary expenses." But little did they know that retreat sessions can be inexpensive and when planned well, they could serve as one of the most effective ways to re-invigorate the teams' energy, enhance creativity, boost staff morale, and work miraculous wonders for their productivity levels! Another big bonus, the teams will feel a sense of belonging in the company and lend considerable help in the area of... retention! Henceforth, why planning a corporate retreat should never be belittled.

Retreat sessions often take place over a few days but you can absolutely customise it to the budget and time period that you are comfortable with. Read on to find out how you can DIY your company retreat session for a memorable corporate retreat, complete with delectable eats! And just in case you are wondering if we understood the assignment, just for our readers, get to know the latest promotions and deals at these DIY experiences at our featured venues!

Am I Addicted Pottery Studio @ Capitol Singapore

About Am I Addicted Pottery Studio

Good for 30 pax
Located at City Hall | Clarke Quay
Enquire for pricing min. 2hrs

First up our list, if you and your team LOVE pottery and feasting on warm and homely Korean-inspired dishes, this is definitely up your alley! Be ready to immerse in an environment of artistry and be inspired to create one or two artworks to bring home! That is not all, indulge in savory foods after all the hard work, as combining team bonding and dining on the same day is possible in this venue! We bet your team will also thank you for such a productive team bonding session!

Am I Addicted is a studio set out to create an environment that differs from the rest, a community built for like-minded creators. The studio allows for organising a small team-friendly pottery session. Aside from their beautiful, open studio space with classes taught by professional ceramists, their café serves a range of unique and wholesome Korean-inspired vegetarian dishes that will leave you coming back for more.

This is not all, the studio is currently having ongoing incredibly irresistible packages, you may wish to contact the friendly venue manager here for more details!

Joie Restaurant

About Joie Restaurant

Good for 80 pax
Located at Orchard | River Valley
Enquire for pricing min. for 1hr

Ah! As the classic saying goes, "the way to the heart is through the stomach." This ought to make your teams belly happy indeed!

Located on the rooftop garden of Orchard Central, Joie (pronounced ‘joy’) Restaurant, presents a refreshing concept that specialises in modern meatless cuisine. Influenced by the new wave dining trend in Europe and Taiwan that focuses on uplifting and innovative natural fare prepared with the freshest vegetables, fruits and herbs, JOIE looks to conjure the same fervour in Singapore.

Joie Restaurant is surrounded by Orchard Central’s serene rooftop garden, it is a sanctuary above the bustle of the busy Orchard shopping district, affording sweeping views of nearby Somerset and Orchard Road. Upon entering the restaurant via the escalator from the 11th floor, guests are greeted by a luminous dining room with light streaming in from its floor to ceiling windows.

Bronze and grey overtones dot the space with a contemporary chic ambience from the bronze light fixtures and the grey tiled floor. Seat along the plush leather-quilted banquette, luxurious velvet armchairs or at no additional cost, one of the five private rooms which seats four to sixteen people.

Don't forget to check out their convenient 5-course Lunch/Dinner Package, perfect for a small, cosy retreat with your closest colleagues!

Let's Yori! Korean Cooking Studio

Good for 8 pax | 24 pax
Located at Chinatown | Tanjong Pagar
Enquire for pricing min. 3hrs

Another venue worth considering is "Let’s Yori!" Let's Yori is the first cooking studio in Singapore that focuses on Korean cuisine — designed to be a welcoming space for all who are fond of meetups and cooking at a common table, where everyone bonds over stories behind ingenious food.

Your teams can come together at the studio kitchen where they could unleash their creativity in cooking and bond over their love for Korean food, and thereafter dine in the communal table together to enjoy a freshly cooked meal!

Afterall, Let’s Yori! Is more than just a space, it’s everyone’s kitchen in the city, to co-cook, co-create and interact with people who enjoy the richness of experience and the stories behind it.

For more information on Let's Yori and its pricing, find out more here.

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