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Case Study: Celebrate hybrid Ramadan fair at Hello Ramadan 2023

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Event Overview of Hello Ramadan 2023

In March-April 2023, our team had the pleasure to support a meaningful initiative by Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT) and The Right Company - “Hello Ramadan 2023: Blessings”, a month-long campaign with a full lineup of livestream programmes, digital bazaar stalls regionally and enriching content on various topics related to the holy month. We collaborate closely with the organiser to not only brainstorm platform features, design and customise user flow and gamification system, but also to manage weekly livestream sessions. Read on to find out how we reimagined this special hybrid campaign experience and keep attendees engaged throughout Ramadan.

Key Solutions & Services

Virtual Fair Platform

Attractive Landing Page for driving Registration

Our engagement started 3 months before Ramadan month, where we gathered the team’s requirements and internalise design themes to ensure we could best feature the event spirit and weave the different festive elements across the site, especially on the event Landing Page. Alongside the Landing Page, we also had the Registration form ready since beginning of March to gather interest and help the organising team understand key sources of traffic and the effectiveness of various marketing efforts in driving signups.

Customised Immersive Home Map

Understand how most users will access the site via mobile, our illustration team customised a unique home map featuring different aspects of the virtual bazaar, while ensuring its mobile view is just as user-friendly. The Home Map enabled attendees to navigate to different content pillars seamlessly, while effectively immersing our audience into the Ramadan atmosphere.

Digital Bazaar and Sponsor Area

One key section of the platform is the digital bazaar, where we designed an infrastructure that listed more than 180 stalls across Singapore and Malaysia. Not only did we categorise the stalls based on their products and services offered for ease of navigation, we also allowed user to search and find their favourite Ramadan vendor in no time.

Sponsors and partners were entitled to both their own area on the home map, as well as a stood-out highlight section under the Digital Bazaar listing.

We also enabled rich visualisation for each stall, with the option to furnish their profile with brand description, videos and images, as well as an extensive product list and the link to purchase them.

avelive virtual hybrid livestream programme and immersive home map, hello ramadan

Weekly Livestream Programme and Content Release

Livestream of insightful talks every week

In a bid to keep audience hyped up throughout the month, the HHWT team invited speakers from all walks of life to share their insights into different topics related to the event theme of “Blessings”. The livestream content ranges from an energetic exercise live directly from the studio, to a zoom conference call attended by speakers across the globe. The AveLIVE team collaborated closely with the organiser to brief speakers on the order of the programmes and livestream the sessions onto the AveLIVE platform. There was also a Q&A section for audience to share their questions during the live show.

Ramadan regular content release throughout 6 weeks

Alongside the weekly live shows, the AveLIVE team also supported the organiser in releasing weekly content under various pillars - from Ramadan stories around the world, Q&A related to topics of the holy month, to quick and easy recipes (in diverse formats - image, text and video) one could wipe up for their Iftar and Sahur. On top of that, participants on the platform could also pen down their daily reflections based on different guiding questions posted daily, and eventually review their notes in the past one month at the end of the event.

QR Scan Registration and Lucky Draw System

QR Scan integration at offline events

As Hello Ramadan 2023 consisted of both offline and online activities, we also proposed having QR code scan and check-in at the physical venues. Upon scanning the QR codes at the event, attendees will be brought back to the virtual site and receive platform points for their Lucky Draw. This feature encouraged attendees to come for the physical bazaar while providing the organiser a way to better understand their user behaviour.

Bring everything together with Gamification and Lucky Draw System

Last but most importantly, we recognised the importance of engaging attendees throughout the month-long campaign, and presented the organising team with a comprehensive point schema to award attendees as they participate in different activities on the platform. Attendees will have access to their Lucky Draw page to check how and where on the site they could earn points, as well as the points needed to participate in a Regular or Premium Spin. Prizes and the probability for winning either types of spins were also managed and regulated for time-specific release to keep attendees excited till the every end.

Thank you...

Thank you the organising team at HHWT and The Right Company for letting us be a part of this meaningful initiative and brainstorm with you to introduce noble and innovative features for hybrid engagement campaigns! Till next time!

Interested to learn more about how we managed and delivered a complex virtual experience end-to-end? Find out more here!

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