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Event Technology: An Evolution

Event technology is not a new topic.

Recent years we have seen the proliferation of event technologies arising across the spectrum from hardware to software, covering different touch points of an event planner’s consumer journey, and serving multiple purposes. The increasing popularity of event technologies and automation has gone beyond that of a short-live fad or buzz word to become next game changer of an industry that, paradoxically, has been strongly emphasised on details, the human touch, and the personalised experience.

Event Technology does not rise to popularity overnight; rather, it has been a long process paved with innovations across the spectrum.

I think technology can be used to connect people and provide genuine experiences – experiences that will leave a delegate saying, ‘You know something, that had an impact on me, it emotionally engaged me, it intellectually engaged me – it changed me in some way.’ - Patrick Delaney, Director, SoolNua

Waves of event technology
Credit: Event Manager Blog, 2019

The First Wave: Online Registration

The First Wave has started as early as 2000 with the introduction of online registration. The idea of RSVP to an event via online forms reduce the need for a large sales team to pick up calls and take down the details of prospective attendees, as well a wide range of complicated methods for ticket payment.

event registration
The movement from offline ticket sales to online RSVP

Online registration, coupled with various online payment gateways, simplifies what used to be a long consumer before the sales is closed, to a short, pleasant process that could be done in a few clicks. The advent of online registration marked the first wave of evolution where manual processes in ticket sales are replaced with automation tools for scaling.

Till this day, it remains as an indispensable part of an event; online registration was considered as the most popular event technology used by 85% of event planners globally (Event Manager Blog, 2019).


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