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Case Study: Drive engagement at the hybrid 17th St Jude-VIVA Forum

Event Overview

In March 2023, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Singapore-based VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer collaborated to organise the very first hybrid the 17th St Jude-VIVA Forum, inviting experts across Asia to come together and share their knowledge on the latest development in pediatric oncology. AveLIVE supported the organising team in delivering key onsite branding assets, as well as in video production.

The event hosted more than 120 delegates.

Key Solutions & Services

Onsite Branding Assets

Backdrops, booklet and poster to enhance overall attendee experience

Given that this is the first time that the conference offered physical mode after 2 years, ensuring that the onsite branding and setup is pleasant and memorable is critical to the event's success. As such, we worked closely with the organising team in gathering requirements and preference to design, print and setup both the Stage Backdrop and Interactive Backdrop. The Interactive Backdrop allows attendees to write down wishes they would like to convey to the children with cancer, adding a nice touch to engage the participants.

AveLIVE was also in charge of compiling, designing and printing the Event Booklet, providing attendees an overview of the different programmes, speaker bio, sponsors and partners and any other relevant information related to the event. Our team was also tasked to plan the content, design and print the official VIVA brochure to share key information about the organiser.

Within a short turnaround time of less than a week for the above 4 deliverables, we were able to work around the clock to ensure all the items are fulfilled satisfactorily!

Video Production

Video Production and Editing

Another important aspect of the event was to also capture the travelling fellows' thoughts and responses about the conference. AveLIVE team worked closely with the organiser to arrange the timeline and liaise with our video production crew to manage traffic flow, video production process and speaker briefing, managing 21 sessions in one day!

Post-event, we storyboarded and edited the videos, stringing the responses from different questions to a coherent flow, featuring all interviewees.

Thank you...

Thank you VIVA team for letting us be a part of this meaningful initiative and we look forward to creating more positive social impact with you!

Interested to learn more about how we re-imagine the hybrid experience? Find out more here!

AveLIVE is your go-to virtual event platform for customised creative solutions and high-engagement elements. Based in Singapore, we have delivered hybrid and virtual projects with partners based locally and across the world, reaching more than 100,000 attendees to this day.

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