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Case Study: When stretching the boundary of creativity at a Virtual All-Hands...

Event Overview

At the beginning of 2021, the pandemic situation was rampant across Southeast Asia - halting many annual company gatherings and all-hands, especially for corporates with international offices. When Pastel Communications reached out to us to explore potential collaboration for an MNC client's virtual all-hands happening in a month time, we were all ears.

Little did we know it turned out to be the start of not only a great partnership, but also refreshing ideas that paved the way for new ways to perceive and conceptualise virtual all-hands - a holistic experience across the spectrum, from the livestream presentations, to synchronised global team building activities and intra-department networking for over 800 participants across 4 countries. All within the AveLIVE platform.

Key Solutions

Pastel Communications envisioned the virtual experience to mimic how an in-person all-hands would be - everyone started the day with a welcome address, breakout into groups for team buildings activities, where each team's point will be tabulated and announced at the end of the all-hands presentation and award ceremony. Would this be possible given the 800+ employees are based across 4 countries?

Virtual Event Platform

Pre-event System to familiarise employees with the D-Day platform interface

As this was the first time that the all-hands event was done virtually, it was important that the attendees knew how to navigate the interface and understood the mechanics of the team-building activities.

Hence, despite the tight timeline, we still managed to deliver the Pre-event System early with key information such as platform navigation guide, welcome message from the organising team and the team building activities rules. Attendees may also login to set up their profiles in advance.

Excite employees with Interactive Corner

Given how important the team building component was in the all-hands, we proposed an all-in-one Interactive Corner that housed various individual and team activities:

  • Mini Games Zone with 3 HTML games carefully selected and white-labelled for the event.

  • Scavenger Hunt where employees searched and explored the platform for hidden event logo

  • Virtual Photo Booth fully adapted to the event branding

  • ...and last but not least, a custom-made Mini Virtual Escape Room game with 3 levels, developed specifically for the client context and messaging. Hints to solve certain puzzles in the escape room may also be found across the platform, to encourage employees to explore the site fully.

Sync team building activities globally through Group System and Leader Board

As employees across different countries were placed into random groups, we offered a Group System for them to get to know their teammates better, providing an avenue for team discussion and strategising for the team building activities. It was also important to ensure all employees, regardless of their timezone, could only start the session at the same time.

In coming up with each team's final score, we also developed a schema for points allocation, based on accuracy, speed and participation of everyone in the group. The scores for each activity for each employee and team were recorded and calculated on the system, before being showcased real-time on the Leader Board.

Regroup together for the presentations at the Main Stage

The all-hands talks and presentations were livestreamed at the virtual Main Stage, where employees may also leave comments on the stream and interact with one another's comments. For this to happen, we have coordinated closely with the Pastel Communications team through various trial runs to ensure the streaming quality is best delivered.

Stay connected through Product Exhibition Hall and Networking Zone

In an MNC, sometimes it could be challenging for everyone to stay up to date with the company's latest developments and innovations. For this event, the client believed that the virtual all-hands would be a perfect occasion to showcase new products under the Product Exhibition Hall, where everyone could interact to view the different Virtual Product Booths and chat with the respective representatives to learn more about these projects!

An internal Networking Zone was also setup to allow employees across different departments and countries to connect with one another.

Thank you...

It was our pleasure to be able to brainstorm and execute interesting and refreshing all-hands event ideas with Pastel Communications and the client. We look forward to co-creating more of such a memorable and unique event experience with you!

Interested to learn more about how we re-imagine the hybrid experience? Find out more here!

AveLIVE is your go-to virtual event platform for customised creative solutions and high-engagement elements. Based in Singapore, we have delivered hybrid and virtual projects with partners based locally and across the world, reaching more than 100,000 attendees to this day.

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