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Case Study: Crafting a Virtual Careers Fair in one week - is this even possible?

Event Overview

The answer is... yes!

In March 2022, we had the pleasure of working with Curtin University and DG Global Events to transform an offline careers fair into a digital experience, in a matter of days - in response to unanticipated restrictions imposed on physical events in Australia during that period.

In that short span of 7 days, our team took up the challenge and worked around the clock to onboard more than 60 employers onto the system, manage the streaming of 12 sessions of live expert sharing while preparing the virtual platform to welcome up to 1000 visitors! Teamwork made the impossible possible!

"We partnered with the AveLIVE team to deliver a Careers Fair using their virtual event software and found the experience very simple and enjoyable. The platform is an attractive and user friendly interface and the AveLIVE team were prompt, and efficient in actioning requests from client, employers and guests. We will definitely be utilising their services and their platform again!" - DG Global Events

Key Solutions & Services

Virtual Career Fair Platform

Pre-event Landing Page... in 2 days

Despite the tight timeline, the organising team believed that quality should never be compromised. So did we. Having a Pre-event Landing Page to gather registration from students and partners, as well as reminding them to login on D-Day would ensure that they could explore exciting career opportunities timely and network with employers meaningfully.

Set our minds to the task, we worked closely with DG Global Events to adapt existing event marketing collaterals (that were meant for the offline event) onto the platform, starting with the Landing Page, completed with a countdown, key programmes and sponsors showcase. After 2 days, the Pre-event Landing Page was up, allowing the students to have 3 days to register.

Get started with Attendee Profile & Virtual Lobby

As the event expected various guest categories - Curtin students, employers and other partners of the university, it was critical to have a customised Attendee Profile to identify participants' roles and request for relevant inputs. Curtin students would be encouraged to complete their profiles with details regarding their major, year of studies, as well as relevant experiences such as uploaded resume and LinkedIn link so that the job application process at the employer virtual booth is more seamless. Under their profile, students may also find the Featured Content with highlighted opportunities from the event's sponsors.

Once completing their profiles, students were brought to the event Virtual Lobby where they could chat with Help Desk and access different virtual venues.

Explore career opportunities at Employer Halls & Virtual Booth

Employer showcase was definitely one of the most important aspects of the event. With more than 60 employers across different industries, we designed different sub-Halls under the Employer Hall, where each sub-Hall would consist of employers from the same category. The attendees may also use our Employer Search function to quickly find and access the interested virtual Employer Booth.

At booth, students would be able to view materials, videos and other key information about the employer. There was a Job Board section under each booth where students could view the jobs' descriptions and apply directly with the resume from their profile. Alternatively, if they were unable to find any suitable available jobs at the booth, they could submit CV directly to share their interest in the company's future openings. To get in touch with the booth representatives and find out more about the roles available, students could also enter a Virtual Chat Room with the employer.

Catch live presentations from employers at the Virtual Auditorium

The organising team has also put together a programme with sharing from employers about market outlook and industry insights, as well as advice for students. The sessions were livestreamed on AveLIVE at the virtual Auditorium, where Live Q&A and Live Polling were available for students to ask questions and share their feedback about the talks. Participants may also find out more about the programmes via the Agenda and Speakers pages on the platform.

Admin Dashboard

Despite the short timeline, we also offered the organising team an Admin Dashboard so that they could manage the registration status, and work with the marketing team for further push to encourage signups from students.

Employer Onboarding

The employers were among the most affected by the shift from offline to online, as existing arrangements for the face-to-face showcase would need to be reconsidered and they would also need to prepare relevant assets for their profile at the Virtual Booth.

Given the hectic timeline for all parties, we have collaborated closely with DG Global Events to collect information needed from the employers, prepared employer onboarding materials, and even went as far as scheduling calls to familiarise the booth representatives with the platform interface. With great coordination, we managed to onboard all interested employers in time for the event, and even allowed for 1-2 days for the representatives to preview their booth should they require further changes.

Thank you...

It's common to hear the saying that "change is the only constant" but when they actually happened, especially for an event with a traditionally long run-way such as the Curtin Careers Fair, all parties (including us) would need to make hard decisions - whether to take that leap of faith and face the challenges. However, it was such changes that served as the catalyst for us to push our boundaries of what was possible and opened new paths for innovations and partnership. We are grateful to both Curtins University and DG Global Events to take a chance on us and together created such an impactful event for students and employers!

Interested to learn more about how we re-imagine the hybrid experience? Find out more here!

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