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Build Network Effect with AveLIVE Virtual Community Engagement Features

We are back with another new product update post! 2022 and 2023 have been years with many innovations that impact the events tremendously. Needless to say, with big tech companies on an AI marathon and metaverse hype, consumers are looking forward to seeing smarter, more interactive and more immersive experience at events, especially virtual and hybrid ones. In the past year, AveLIVE, too, has been rolling out new features on the requests of clients and customers we had the opportunity to collaborate with, especially aimed at driving the engagement and immersive interface.

We identified that beside a beautifully designed interface, what makes its engaging and encourages attendees to continue staying on your virtual event is the power of community.

Credits: Unsplash, Priscilla Du Preez

Wondering how we build communities within a short duration of a campaign? Check below for the latest and most popular features!

#1 Express Individuality with Customised Avatars

It's the time and age that consumers become increasingly expressive of their individuality, and our platform provides the perfect avenue and opportunity for them to do so. This is the first step for attendees to prepare themselves before joining the virtual event, and mingle with others in the community - representing the first impressions they leave on others through the digital experience. We did not take this lightly.

Our team handcrafted the avatars design to be used on the platform, allowing attendees to freely imagine and have fun customising their virtual looks, based on their unique preferences! Avatars could be used in forum, group games and the overall platform environment! And for the first time, we would be opening this feature for you to freely experience it right on our AveLIVE website - stay tuned!

#2 Create Network Effect with Co-op Mode

Another interesting feature for Virtual Community Engagement - the Co-op Mode! As the name goes, this mode allows friends to join you real-time in your World, participating in different activities together, seeing your very own collection on the site and even collecting promotions and offers that are only available in friends’ World!!

Participating in virtual events is no longer an individual, lonely activity but a now fun experience shared among friends or colleagues. The Co-op Mode not only helped you build network effect, but also drive user retention, giving them more of a reason to stay on site and discover content!

If you are looking at a younger demographic of users for the platform, this feature is definitely worth exploring!

#3 Group Games and Activities? The More The Merrier

On AveLIVE, we offer a wide variety of activities and games for both individual and group participation, ensuring the digital experience is just as engaging and inclusive as a physical one!

When your attendees turn on Co-op Mode, they could join other users’ Worlds to play games or perform certain activities as a group for more rewards (or simply more fun - depending on the reward structure of your hybrid campaign) - what’s best is these games could be customised to your event theme and branding!

While providing the option for attendees to do things as a group, it is still possible for any user to participate in activities individually in their own World! Interested to find out the lineup of games and activities available for groups on Co-op Mode? Let's chat!

While these are still early developments, our team is excited for what lies ahead - be it new innovations, new trends or possibilities to create connections and communities formed on AveLIVE! We would be rolling out some sweet demos for you to get your hands on very soon, so reach out to us at to start exploring right today.

If you are interested to learn more about the most popular features requested for hybrid events? Check this post!

AveLIVE is your go-to virtual event platform for customised creative solutions and high-engagement elements. Based in Singapore, we have delivered hybrid and virtual projects with partners based locally and across the world, reaching more than 100,000 attendees till this day.

Discuss your next virtual experience with us at!


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