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How To Claim Venue Promotions

In order to claim Venue Promotions, you have to first book a venue on Avenevv

Step 1

Step 2

Key in your event details and request for quote from shortlisted spaces.

Do take note of your Move-in and Move-out Date and Time. This is the time when you start moving in the venue for setup / moving out. The condition for claiming the venue promotions may specify that your booking (inclusive of Set-up and Pack-up) needs to meet a minimum number of hours.

Step 3

Once you have received a quote that meet your requirements, take note of your Grand Total. This is the total amount that you would pay to the venue based on the quote received on Avenevv platform, which includes everything ranging from venue rental, add-on fees, F&B and so on. The condition for claiming the venue promotions may specify that your total booking value needs to meet a minimum amount.

Accept the quote and proceed to pay the venue the deposit on Avenevv platform.

Step 4

As you pay for the booking, select "Use Promo Code" option and key in the suitable Promotional Code. Please refer to the Venue Promotions page on Avellage  for any available promotion that your venue of choice is offering. Copy the code (under the field "Promotional Code") and paste it into the popup as you are making payment.

Once applied successfully, the promotional discount will be reflected in the transaction history of the booking.

Please refer to for the Terms & Conditions of the Avellage Venue Promotions.

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