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How To Claim Rewards

In order to claim rewards, you have to first book a venue on Avenevv

Step 1

Step 2

Key in your event details and request for quote from shortlisted spaces.

Do take note of your Move-in Date. This is the date is when you start moving in the venue for setup. The condition for claiming the reward specifies that you would be required to make deposit payment by certain number of weeks before your Move-in Date on Avenevv so that our team could make all the necessary arrangements in time.

Step 3

Once you have received a quote that meet your requirements, take note of your Total Deal Size. This is the total amount that you would pay to the venue based on the quote received on Avenevv platform, which includes everything ranging from venue rental, add-on fees, F&B and so on.

Step 4

Accept the quote and proceed to pay the venue the deposit on Avenevv platform.


Fill in the Reward Code as you pay your reservation deposit. Please fill in your Option (if applicable) under the Remarks section.

Step 5

Our team member will reach out to you within 5 working days to finalise the details of the rewards and share with you on the next step.

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