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Safe Use of Essential Oils for Kids

Create a healthy, holistic and chemical-free essential oil system for your family!





Sat, 28th Nov 2020

11.00 AM - 12.15 PM SGT

46 Kim Yam Road #01-06
Singapore 239351

$15.92 / PAX


Original workshop price: $50.00

In this workshop, we will teach you:
- How to use essential oils safely to your kids
- Techniques on how to use the oils for different types of illness
- Points to apply the oils
- When to use the oils
- How many drops of oil you need
- Different varieties of oils that you can use at home
- Q&A

After this session, you will have peace of mind and you will be empowered on how to use essential oils at home for your children. We will be using 100% pure, safe, potent and affordable essential oils from DOTTERA to:
- Take care of diaper rash
- Improving skin condition like eczema
- Support focus at school
- Boost immunity
- Improve digestive health
- Respiratory health
- Common health challenges for children


Please refer to event site for detailed agenda.


Nicole Tay is the founder of Symphony Scentsations. She is a MOE Registered Trainer and conducts elective modules in schools in Singapore and a DOTTERA certified essential oils trainer. Symphony Scentsations conducts various workshops specialising in the use of therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.

Before embarking into the natural pathway, Nicole was a Resourcing Manager in the banking industry. Being constantly in a stressful, fast-paced environment, Nicole had neglected her health and suffered bad eczema.

Her experiences in the effective usage of therapeutic-grade essential oils made her realize how empowering it is to take charge of our own and our family’s health. She advocates education by conducting classes and workshops empowering people with the knowledge of using natural solutions.

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