Invest Ethically - What are Green Funds and Investments?

If you want to be sustainable, put your money where your mouth is!





Sat, 28th Nov 2020

4.00 PM - 5.30 PM SGT

46 Kim Yam Road #01-06
Singapore 239351

$16 / PAX


Green investments are also known as Socially Responsible Investing. These are investment activities that focus on companies or projects committed to the conservation of:
- Natural resources
- Production & discovery of alternative energy sources
- Implementation of clean air and water projects
- Other environmentally conscious business practices
You will learn:

- The history of green investing
- How to start on green investing
- What are your investment options in Singapore
- Which companies offer green investments
- What are the charges
- Where to invest
- How to select funds
- Q&A


Please refer to event site for detailed agenda.


Chris Potter

Financial Adviser and Director of Chartwell Associates

MAS Representative Number CMP100045279

Chris has 24 years experience in the advisory industry both in the UK and Singapore. He started with Eagle Star in the UK before becoming an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). Chris was always an active member of the Life Insurance Association (LIA) in his region in the UK and held a number of positions including education officer for a number of years, membership officer and was the Vice President of the Devon & Cornwall LIA prior to relocating to Singapore. Chris’s specialist areas include UK pensions, and Ethical and Sociably Responsible investments.