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How to set up your home office for maximum productivity

Learn the science of ergonomic design to enhance your WFH experience





Wed, 18th Nov 2020

2.00 PM - 3.00 PM SGT




We are nearing the end of 2020 and we can now say for sure that WFH is here to stay.

While it saves commute time, WFH comes with a series of its own issues. We want to take this time to reflect on the struggles of working from home and try to resolve some of them so we invited Yuying Deng, Founder and CEO of Esevel to help us out.

Esevel is a Singapore-based company that offers premium home office furniture to help you work from home comfortably and boost your productivity. From actual furniture to virtual ergonomic assessments, and packages for individuals and businesses, Esevel aims to be an end-to-end remote work platform that helps companies reduce the complexity of managing a dispersed workforce.

In this workshop you will learn
- How to enhance WFH productivity
- The science of ergonomics and issues that people have when they work from home
- Employer's responsibilities towards their employees' health and safety when they work from home
- How you can WFH comfortably even if you don't have a desk and chair - eg. from sofa, bed, coffee table etc

Join us on Nov 18, Wednesday, at 2PM-3PM SGT.


Please refer to event site for detailed agenda.


Yuying launched her company during Singapore's circuit breaker because she saw that COVID-19 has accelerated the trend to remote work. Her passion lies in empowering people to work from anywhere and still be capable of achieving their best work possible.

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