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Video Editing

Expectations for events have become greater more than ever. Event planners have gone beyond just meeting the events’ objectives, but constantly seek means to bring new, bold and unique elements into each of their creations.


As they continue to innovate and deliver unforgettable event experiences, we also observe the emergence of game-changing event technologies across the spectrum in response to these prevailing needs. Check out our network of event technology partners to stay on top of the trend and innovate better!

Event Technology Partners



Event Mobile Application

Actigage is an Event Tech company that provides a mobile Event app platform at an amazing value with an easy to use interface, live engagement features, and great support.


ESP xMedia

ESPxCloud Actionable Multi-Camera Webcast Platform

ESPxMedia Pte. Ltd is a Singapore-based company founded with a vision to disrupt traditional broadcasting by harnessing the power of multi-camera, multi-location, actionable live streaming. Its flagship product, ESPxCloud, is a global cloud video webcast platform that offers turnkey, white-labelled video content management and delivery services for any online video service providers to redefine their video production storyboarding and transform live webcasts to becoming alive with actions. Game-change your future live webcasts with us at



On-site Event Management Service

Fielddrive is an innovative and comprehensive suite of services for on-site event management. We help event planners around the world to manage visitor flows: with the fastest check-in, highest security and live analytics. Fielddrive is an award-winning event technology company offering cutting-edge services for on-site attendee management, including:
• Facial recognition check-in
• Live badge printing
• Attendee tracking
• Lead retrieval
We were the first to use facial recognition for secure and expedited check-in. Since 2017, our technology has successfully been implemented at hundreds of events worldwide.



Immersive Media & Mixed Reality Consultancy

HelloHolo is an Immersive Media and Mixed Reality consultancy that provides end-to-end solution development for our clients. Founded in 2016, our team is based in Singapore and has become one of the leading brands developing for Virtual and Mixed Reality platforms like Microsoft HoloLens. We specialize in hgh-tech solutions for live interactive entertainment, immersive storytelling, and Industry 4.0 use cases.

Our services include creative conceptualization + consultancy, bespoke app development, 3D art + content creation, 360 video + photography, purchasing and rental of complete VR/MR solutions, and training for developers/facilitators/innovation teams. Drop us a message and take a step into Mixed Reality together with us.



RFID Registration Solutions

PouchNATION is an end-to-end guest management platform for events and venues, delivering a smooth guest experience and helping brands engage with the on-ground audience, to measure brand impact and to collect valuable information for data study. PouchNATION’s solutions continue to extend beyond ticketing and cashless payments for entertainment events, but also to data tracking, booth/brand engagement and also recently to Hospitality and Attractions management. With their fully in-house developed products, PouchNATION has executed events across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and most recently China and Myanmar.


Spring Forest Studio

Multi-Camera Live Streaming Production

At Spring Forest Studio, we provide high-quality video and sound capture for broadcast quality live streaming. We can set up from 1 camera to 24 cameras to cover different angles off stage and on stage and even within the live audience.



GIF Photo Booth

Ubersnap is the world's first GIF photo booth with holographic prints. See your GIFs magically come to life on paper. In 2016, Ubersnap introduced the world's first GIF photo booth with holographic prints. Within a short time span, we’ve provided our service to more than 500 events, working with the largest brands in the world. Over 80,000 guests have laughed, moved and danced at our photo booth.With a Net Promoter Score® of over 80, Ubersnap is first class when it comes to service. We understand what makes a photo booth special, from the quality of our prints to the cheerfulness of our assistants. And we provide the amazing Ubersnap experience every single time.



Platform connecting Speakers with Events

ALTAFY is a fully-automated, self-service platform that empowers all Organisers / Event Planners to find, connect and confirm all types of Speakers and Subject-Matter Experts from around the world, for their events.
The platform also has integrated productivity capabilities for Organisers to track and manage their speaker acquisition process (keeping a track of the Shortlisted, Pending, Confirmed Speakers + all relevant correspondence + all agreed terms between Organiser / Speaker + a log of all past, current and upcoming Events).
As an aside, there is also a functionality for Organisers to send their event details out for Speakers to apply in return.


Effects Technologies

Special Effects

Born from the industry's demand for ever more bold and creative special stage effects, Effects Technologies has been breaking new ground since 1999 by bringing to local audience the latest special effects and integrated multi-effects displays. By specialising in medium scale projects, the Effects Team continues building on our capability to understand and deliver unique requirements in every event. Effects Technologies looks to continue supporting our clients with the latest Sparkulars, alongside other special effects mainstays such as LED CO2, LASER Displays, Pyro-Waveflamers and more.



Flavorgator Platform for food waste insights

At Flavorgator we are proud to offer a real time feedback platform to help foodservice professionals and brands increase sales and reduce food waste by understanding consumer taste. Our business model is a low cost SaaS offering paired with a marketing and insights offering for foodservice brands such as Unilever and Nestle to leverage our network of sites to launch and test their products.


Ignite VR

Virtual Reality Development & Event Services

IGNITE VR is a Virtual Reality company that specialises in VR development and conceptualising VR booths to help companies engage to their audience in a more immersive an meaningful way.

512x512bb.jpg Pte Ltd

Ticketing Solutions Provider

Established in 1991, SISTIC is Singapore’s largest in-house technology ticketing agency and one of the country’s leading e-commerce players. We provide ticketing services and solutions to more than 1,200 events each year, serving the theatre, entertainment, arts and sports events held locally and around the region. We aspire to enrich lives by building a ticketing platform and marketplace that best connects people to entertainment.



Event Structures

StandCraft helps brands stands out in the physical space. We craft quick, modular and reusable structures that create memorable experiences in retail, event and public spaces. Combining design with technology, we use light, sound, scent, touch and wireless charging to engage users and activate spaces.



Leads Retrieval Application

k’nectary is your wonderfully simple leads retrieval application that helps you organise those important connections that you make with people in your industry. Digitize your name cards and maintain a central database for you and your team’s real-world contacts.



Event Platform

Azavista all-in-one Solution is world's most comprehensive Event Platform. Our distributed international team, consists of professionals who achieve amazing results for our clients globally. We have a strong presence and customer base throughout EMEA, US and APAC. We are GDPR/SOC/ISO compliant and thus experienced in working with Pharma-, Healthcare-, and Government. Amongst our customer base you'll also find names like: PwC, Houston Methodist, Roche, Mediobanka and Accenture.

Our suite host everything a modern event planner needs for setting up and managing successful (virtual) events. Our modules cover everything from Registration, Content & Data management to highly detailed Reporting Analytics and on-site solutions.



Wifi & Connectivity Solutions

ELGONET provides WiFi services for trade shows, conferences, training seminars and customer events. With our Enterprise WiFi routers, we have made high-speed WiFi services easy to deploy without laying of high cost telecommunication cables. Enterprise WiFi routers can be scaled to support hundreds or more WiFi connections with customizable WiFi name and password for branding. ELGONET also provide portable Traveler Wifi devices for business travelers and tourists’ rentals covering more than 100 countries destinations.



IPad Registration System

GuestDay on iPad makes on-site guest registration simple and elegant. Perfect for conferences, corporate dinners, wedding receptions, and other important occasions—no more guest lists and manual searching; register your guests in seconds with GuestDay. Guest Day is under Tinkertanker Pte Ltd, a technology and education company of tinkerers and teachers. We run Tinkercademy, where we teach coding and digital making to students of all ages, in a wide variety of fields such as micro:bit, iOS, Python, Arduino, Node, cyber-security, Unity, and more. We also curate and sell educational technology toys at our Get Hacking online store, and build our own tech apps and products, e.g. GuestDay, an iPad-based guest registration service; an IC Photo app for Singaporeans to take useful selfies; and Spickify, now Helpling Singapore.


Pigeonhole Live

Live Q&A, Polling & Survey Platform

Pigeonhole Live is a live Q&A, Polling and Survey platform that makes audience engagement happen. Whether in the meeting room or the conference hall, we are radically changing the way Fortune 500 companies, organisations and education institutions interact with their live audiences.

Since 2010, Pigeonhole Live has been widely used to facilitate important conversations and bring new insights to our users, from a regular all-hands meeting at a Fortune 500 company to a global conference where leading thinkers, policy makers, and decision makers gather to discuss pressing global issues.



Performance Drone Show

SKYMAGIC is a world leading performance drone show company. We are a team of pioneers, voyagers and storytellers. We are international. We are risk averse. Our diverse team has over 15 years' experience within UAV swarm technology and the global entertainment industry. Our customised fleet of dynamic, autonomously flown outdoor and indoor drones are each mounted with a super bright RGB pixel and deployed via a single ground control station across our proprietary, state-of-the-art flight software. Launched high into the night sky or within an enclosed venue, our swarm formation performance drones execute a range of stunning 3D displays and mesmerising choreographic sequences to dazzling effect.



Event Planning Software

ThymeBase gives you one central place to direct your planning process, define tasks, and track your progress. You can also create detailed, multi-day event timelines and share them via PDF or with a link that updates immediately.
- Duplicate past events in a click. And all due dates get instantly recalculated.
- Keep all your relevant information in one place. No more searching emails, dropbox, drive...
- 100% Mobile Friendly.
- Save a PDF of your to-do list to share with clients and teammates.
- Clone event timelines in a click. All times and dates get instantly recalculated.
- Each shared timeline has a unique URL that updates for everyone automatically.
- Want to print in hardcopy? Download a well-formatted PDF in a click.

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